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We ensure proper chimney function for your home’s safety, value, and comfort.

Chimney Services

Complete Chimney Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs

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Keeping your chimney in top condition protects your home and family. Chimneys add value to homes and create aesthetic appeal. Poor chimney installation and maintenance cause risks to your property, safety, and health.

Our goal is to help Denver area homeowners achieve beautiful, functional, and lasting chimneys. Whether you need a custom chimney for a new build, chimney restoration, or chimney cleaning, we’re here to help.

Chimney Installation

Do you need a full chimney installation? We provide chimney installation for new construction and existing structures.

Our certified technicians complete each new chimney with the highest standards for function and long-lasting results. Proper installation is vital for performance, health, and safety.

Plus, the look of your home matters! Each new chimney installation offers an aesthetic design to match your personal tastes and the style of your home.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps safeguard your chimney and fireplace. A chimney cap covers the top of the chimney. This prevents debris, animals, and other unwanted objects from entering the chimney.

Goodrich Chimney uses high-quality, stainless steel, spark arresting flue caps in the right shape and size to protect your chimney. Schedule an inspection of your chimney cap to determine the current condition and recommended repairs.


Chimney Repairs

One major risk from chimney damage is water intrusion. When water enters the chimney system, it can deteriorate the inside of the chimney. Plus, water can enter your home leading to more damage.

We offer a wide range of chimney repair solutions, including chimney caps, new crowns or washes, brickwork, and stonework. Each home is unique. We customize each repair to meet your needs.

Chimney Sweep

Annual chimney cleaning and inspections are vital for optimal health and operation of the chimney. Avoid the increased risk of fire by maintaining a clean chimney.

Goodrich Chimney performs wood fireplace, insert, masonry, freestanding stove, and pre-fabricated chimney cleanings. We stay current on the latest regulations and techniques for chimney care and use modern chimney cleaning procedures.

After the cleaning and assessment of your chimney’s overall health, our technicians provide feedback and recommendations. This includes tips for better burning habits and ways to increase overall efficiency.

Work with a certified and insured local chimney company, like Goodrich Chimney. Two valuable certifications include Certified Chimney Sweep from the Chimney Safety Institute of America and National Fireplace Institute Certification.

Look at online reviews and references. Reputation matters! Especially when it comes to your home. An established, local company invests in the local community. You can expect excellent customer service and trusted results.

Chimney issues aren’t DIY projects. You need a technician trained specifically for chimney service. If you haven’t scheduled chimney cleaning in the last year, that’s the top need.

As part of our chimney sweep service, we assess the condition of your chimney. From there, we identify issues and recommend any needed repairs.

If you’ve had your chimney cleaned in the last year and experience an issue, schedule a chimney inspection. We investigate and determine the best solution to solve the problem.

The cost varies depending on the specific service. We offer fair pricing without compromising on the quality of service. We provide a custom quote based on the size and type of chimney.

Our top goal is to enhance safety and function while offering reliable results, clear communication, and personalized service.

Chimney Solutions

Goodrich Chimney, Colorado’s chimney specialist, provides professional chimney services to clients throughout Metro Denver. We offer excellent chimney installation, cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

As a full-service, family-owned and operated company, customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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