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Chimney Repair Services

With a chimney that needs repairs, you risk damage to your home.

Repairs and restorations keep your chimney in top shape. Whatever your chimney issue, our expert technicians have the knowledge and skill to meet your needs.

The chimney is the backbone for a home, providing a strong and sound structure. Chimneys are vital to a healthy fireplace. If your chimney has cracks or other damage, exhaust from your fireplace can escape into your home. Also, cracks in the structure can lead to moisture coming into the home. It’s an entire system that requires proper care, including repairs.

Invest in repairs to protect your home and family.

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Common Types of Chimney Repairs

Our team will give you their honest opinion when it comes to chimney repairs. Call or email us today with any questions you might have.

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Damper Repairs

The damper covers the flue to block air from flowing down the chimney when it is not in use.

Over time, dampers can become worn or damaged. In some cases, the damper breaks completely free. Other times, the damper becomes stuck and won’t open. Whatever the issue, your chimney cannot operate properly without a fully functioning damper.

  • Damper cleaning
  • Replace damper plate
  • Upgrade to top-sealing damper
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Chimney Cap and Chase Cover Repairs

The chimney cap protects the fireplace system from water intrusion and keeps out other debris.

Damaged chimney caps can block the chimney or fail to prevent objects or water from entering the chimney. When a chase cover rusts or corrodes, the seal stops functioning which leads to leaks. We offer repairs and replacement of chimney caps and chase covers.

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Crown and Wash Repairs

A crown is a solid piece of concrete that pushes water away from the chimney flue. When the crown starts to crack it allows water to seep in. With the harsh weather in Colorado, normal wear and tear will break down the chimney crown.

  • Apply a crown seal
  • Replace the crown or wash
  • Repair the brickwork supporting the crown
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Brickwork and Stonework Repairs

Beautiful chimney brickwork adds curb appeal and character to your home.

When the brick or stone on your chimney crumbles or cracks, it not only looks bad but also impacts the function of the chimney. If the mortar between the bricks or stone starts to degrade, the structural integrity fails. Invest in the needed repairs to keep your chimney working and looking great.

  • Replace damaged bricks or stones
  • Apply new mortar
  • Install new brickwork or stonework
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Chimney Reline

The chimney liner keeps the combustion elements from the fireplace, like smoke and carbon monoxide, safely away from the inside of the home.

A worn, cracked, or broken chimney liner makes your chimney unusable. It is unsafe to use a fireplace if the chimney liner is not fully functioning. Discontinue use of your system until you schedule repairs.

  • Upgrade to a stainless-steel liner
  • Chimney liner inspection (recommended annually)
  • Replace the existing chimney liner

What are the Symptoms of Chimney Problems?

If you suspect problems with your chimney, call Goodrich Chimney to schedule repairs.

  • Visible water damage in or near the chimney
  • Crumbing or deteriorating brick or stone
  • Rusted damper or firebox
  • Cracked chimney crown
  • Clogged or broken chimney cap
  • White discoloration or efflorescence

Ensure Your Home’s Safety with Chimney Repairs

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