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We’ve served clients throughout the Denver Metro area for over 15 years with reliable and affordable fireplace options, including fireplace inserts.

Our team takes safety seriously. We have both the knowledge and experience to safely and accurately install, clean, or repair your fireplace insert.

In fact, we have National Fireplace Institute certification.

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Fireplace Insert Service

Invest in expert service for your home or business. We offer a variety of fireplace inserts to meet your needs and style. Work with trusted professionals for fireplace insert installation to ensure the safety and function you deserve.

Restore your existing fireplace to working order with a fireplace insert.

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Installation and Service for All Types of Fireplace Inserts

Not sure the best option for your fireplace conversion? We’re here to help!

Our team has the training required for installation, inspection, and repair for all types of fireplace inserts. We’re always happy to answer your questions and offer insight into the best solution for your specific property.

Our product options include a wide range of timeless designs from a selection of brands. Plus, as full-service chimney and fireplace experts, we can complete your design with stonework, mantel installation, and more.

Find the products and services you need for your home or business at Goodrich Chimney.

Fireplace Inserts FAQ’s

What Is A Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is a stove appliance that sits inside an existing fireplace. Often, the current wood-burning fireplace doesn’t produce heat efficiently. A wood-burning fireplace insert can increase heat production.

Gas fireplace inserts work well to avoid the mess of a wood-burning fireplace and eliminate the need to provide wood. Gas fireplace inserts provide heat and add style.

Electric fireplace inserts produce very little heat. However, homeowners select electric inserts primarily for the design appeal. The existing fireplace converts to match the style goals.

How Much Do Fireplace Inserts Cost?

Typically, the starting point for a fireplace insert is around $2,000. However, that price point varies greatly based on the type of insert, installation requirements, and other details.

For example, adding a new mantel or stonework adds to the cost, but may be the right option to transform the space. Also, the current condition of the existing fireplace impacts the cost.

We provide a custom quote for each project.

Do Fireplace Inserts Need Electricity?

In general, yes. Wood burning and gas fireplace inserts require electricity for the blower to work. Of course, electric fireplace inserts always require an electricity source.

During a power outage, a fireplace insert can continue to work. The blower will not operate without power. Yet, the fireplace insert should operate safely without the blower during a power outage.

Why Do I Need to Have A Hearth Appliance Professionally Installed?

We do not recommend DIY fireplace installation, even with inserts. Anytime you are dealing with gas lines and proper ventilation, accurate installation matters. Fireplace insert installation requires special training and tools.

The safe function of the fireplace is too important to do it yourself. You want a trusted expert on your side. At Goodrich Chimney, we have that expertise!

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We offer expert fireplace insert service to clients in the Denver Metro area. As a locally-owned, family business, we value our community and pride ourselves in consistently providing friendly service and quality work.

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