Pellet Stove

Add Warmth to Your Colorado Home

Pellet stoves work great for Colorado homes and cabins. Pellet stoves differ from wood-burning stoves or fireplaces because they use compressed pellets as fuel instead of wood. The pellets and the stove design give homeowners an eco-friendly heating alternative.

Goodrich Chimney serves clients throughout the Denver area with a wide selection of fireplace and stove products. For over 15 years, we’ve offered expert installations, repairs, maintenance, and cleanings for all types of stoves and fireplaces.

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Find the Best Pellet Stoves at Goodrich Chimney

Goodrich Chimney carries pellet stoves at our showroom in Golden. We can also order pellet stoves to meet your specific requirements.

Pellet Stove Installation

We offer pellet stove installation including the proper ventilation. While pellet stoves aren’t as complex to install as some other types of heating systems, they do require the right ventilation to remove fumes safely.

Our team of expert technicians have the skill and training to install a pellet stove in your home. Contact Goodrich Chimney to schedule installation, or visit our showroom in Golden to see our selection of pellet stoves.

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Pellet Stove Repairs and Maintenance

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Regular maintenance helps ensure your pellet stove works well and lasts for its intended lifespan. We offer pellet stove maintenance which includes cleaning and inspection. We’ll also inform you of any needed repairs.

Before each heating season, schedule maintenance to clean the pellet stove flue. Just like with a wood-burning fireplace, you risk a chimney fire when you do not keep the unit clean. Burn high-quality pellets for the best results. Also, only burn dry and clean pellets. Otherwise, you risk clogging the auger.

What to Consider When Buying a Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves offer sustainable heating at a relatively low cost. Plus, most pellet stoves don’t take up much room in a home. However, pellet stoves do require regular cleaning. You also need to clean out the ash drawer weekly.

A pellet stove requires the purchase of the pellets. As you decide whether to purchase a pellet stove, consider your intention. It doesn’t provide the design appeal of a fireplace and mantel. Yet, it does offer a reliable heat source.

At Goodrich Chimney, we are always happy to talk with customers about the different heating options for your home.

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Pellet Stove FAQ’s

How Do Pellet Stoves Work?

Pellet stoves work by using pellets to create a constant flame that does not require tending, like with a traditional fire. Heat-exchange tubes send the heated air into room after the convection fan circulates air through the heat-exchange tubes.

Can You Run A Pellet Stove Without Electricity?

Unfortunately, no. A pellet stove does require electricity to operate. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, a pellet stove will not work if the power goes out.

A pellet stove is not a good option for a backup heating system. Instead, it works great as a heating system when the power is on or with a generator.

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Pellet Stove?

The typically lifespan for a pellet stove is 10 years. How long a pellet stove last does depend on the maintenance and care. A well-maintained system may last longer than 10 years.

Denver Pellet Stove Service Providers

Invest in a pellet stove for your Denver area home.

At Goodrich Chimney, we offer quality and affordable service that our clients have trusted for over 15 years. We always prioritize safety, clear communication, and quality service.

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