With the official start of winter on December 21, it’s time to think about a chimney sweep service to keep your home and family safe.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you have a chimney swept every year. Regular chimney cleaning reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire damage. Plus, clean chimneys and fireplaces work more efficiently.

What Does Chimney Sweep Service Include?

A professional chimney sweep thoroughly cleans your chimney using specialized equipment. The technician removes soot and creosote buildup in the flue, inspects the chimney liner and other system parts, and checks the seals for all openings.

A chimney sweep uses special tools to ensure that your chimney is free from debris, including:

  • Soot and creosote buildup
  • Tree branches and leaves
  • Insect, rodent, and bird nests
  • Other types of debris

They may also recommend an inspection by a certified technician who checks the entire system for cracks and leaks. Goodrich Chimney offers chimney sweeping and chimney inspections.

The Benefits of Annual Chimney Cleaning

To avoid chimney fires and maximize efficiency, invest in annual chimney cleaning. We typically recommend cleaning chimneys before cold weather sets in and homeowners begin to use the fireplace more frequently.

Chimney services, like chimney sweeping, offer many benefits.

  • Keep the chimney safe
  • Remove dangerous debris, like flammable creosote
  • Save money by catching issues sooner
  • Reduce carbon monoxide exposure
  • Improve air quality
  • Increase fireplace efficiency

Schedule chimney cleaning and an annual chimney inspection to start the new year off right.

How Often Should I Have My Chimney Swept?

As we stated, annual chimney cleaning is ideal. However, each home has different needs. The timeframe for chimney cleaning depends on the frequency with which you use your fireplace. Annual chimney cleaning is probably enough for homeowners that use the fireplace moderately. However, homeowners that use their fireplace throughout the year may benefit from chimney cleaning twice per year.

What Else Can Homeowners Do to Improve Chimney and Fireplace Safety?

Homeowners can take steps to improve safety around the chimney and fireplace.

  • Keep the chimney area clear of brush and vegetation to avoid wear and tear of the chimney and roof.
  • Inspect for water leaks in or near the chimney and fireplace.
  • Check the essential parts of the chimney for damage, including the chimney flue and chimney cap.
  • Schedule any needed chimney repairs with an experienced chimney professional.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with battery backup in the same room as the fireplace.
  • For gas fireplaces, inspect gas lines to ensure proper connection and seals.
  • Place a fireplace cover in front of the opening to avoid burns to children and pets.

Keep your home and family safe while enjoying the warmth and beauty of your fireplace this winter.

Chimney Sweep Service Denver Homeowners Trust

Goodrich Chimney offers chimney and fireplace services to help protect your home and family. We also carry a selection of fireplaces at our showroom in Golden. Call us today to schedule chimney sweep or chimney inspection service.